Art and Animation


Ping Monitor Animation

3D Animation for a product called a Ping Monitor

I was the story board artist and project manager on this project.

To see the animation

Concept Artwork

2D Platformer Concept

The 2D art for a game concept. This includes the two playable characters (the man and woman), a boss character and a level design.

Mobile Game Concept

Concept art and storyboard for a mobile game.

Adventure Game Concept

Concept art and storyboard for a fantasy adventure game.

Science Fiction Game Concept

Concept artwork for a science fiction action/stealth game.

Point and Click Game Concept

Concept artwork for a point and click adventure game. The game would be a horror mystery, set in an old mansion.

Fors Team Concept

An experiment, where I created a hybrid of a novel and a graphic novel. The story is set in a science fiction world full of robots.

14 Characters over 2 weeks

This was a self-motivated project. The self-imposed rule was these characters had to be drawn at three different ages and had to all exist in this science fiction world where they would also be represented by a creature.

Other Story Boards

A storyboard adaption of Hans Christian Anderson's The Little Match girl.

A storyboard adaption of the Aesop fable Mercury and the Crow.