Eleanor Browne

Game Designer

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Street Artist

Project for the Adelaide Fringe 2017.

Art Thief was used as a base for this project. It was projected from outside the Exeter Hotel in Adelaide  for four nights. Won the Adelaide Fringe 2017 Week Four Award for Best Interactive, Film or Digital.

To see gameplay:

Art Thief

Bitter artist's get rich quick scheme.

Players play as bitter artists who own reality warping paint. However, these artists plan to use the paint to help them steal expensive things. Also they don't get along.


Group Project

This is a more realised version of the Wordpool prototype bellow.

The player is given a sentence to complete and then explores the game world to find an object. This object when dropped in the wordpool changes the world around the player.

To see gameplay:

Solo Prototype

A solo project. This was an assignment where I had to create a game based off of Salvador Dali's art work.

This was used as a prototype for the 'Group Project' version.